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Modified Car Insurance

You may opt to modify your car for whatever reason – an upgrade of the engine for extra performance, paint splash, changing the interiors, adding super stylish rims or whatever else. Unfortunately, these changes do and will affect your insurance rates. Insurers expect you to inform them when you make changes to your car while on your old policy and you should always let them know.

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Many insurers will be willing to accommodate your new changes, only that you will have to pay much more to remain insured. It gets complicated when you are trying to buy a new policy or renew your existing one with a modified car. Many companies will automatically decline to cover you because of the high maintenance some modifications require. It will be too costly for them and they fear they won’t be able to optimize profits fully.

Some modifications cost more than others. It will help if you find out by how much the modification you intend to make on your car will increase your rates. Get online and join forums where discussions on car modifications are continuously held. This will help you find out the categories of modifications and charges for each as fixed by different companies.

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Modified car insurance is not very easy to come by but there are insurance companies specializing in providing this type of insurance. These are the best places to scout for great offers. Unfortunately, because of the high price tag attached to modified cars, most of these companies charge high rates. When you find a specialist company you are comfortable dealing with, ask whether they can give you discounts. Discounts will lower your premiums by a considerable amount.

If you want to try your luck in insurance companies providing general car insurance policies, you have to be willing to go further and ask to speak to someone in a higher rank than the sales person. The sales person is usually the person who answers the phone when you call the office line. Normally, they will either tell you that the company does not offer modified car insurance or if they do, quote you an incredibly high price. Talking to a representative or head of department may yield better results and you could end up getting a fully customized policy at a much lower cost.

Car insurance brokers are knowledgeable on all types of car insurance and will often find you a modified car insurance provider in no time. The only disadvantage in using an agent or agency is that the rates will be slightly higher than you would have gotten had you requested for a quote directly from the company.

Another good search option to use is comparison websites. There are many of these in the UK. Simply indicate that you are looking for modified car insurance quotes and they will give you many options to choose from.

Small, little-known insurance companies are perhaps the best providers for modified car insurance. The only problem is that you will really have to search for them because they are not as conspicuous as the larger companies. Small companies charge much less for modified car insurance than their larger competitors. Find one and you will definitely walk away with a bargain. The car insurance forums we mentioned earlier can help you find a few names to try out. The advantage of using forums is that customers are ever willing to share information about providers, more so for hard to find coverage such as this one.

Once you find and purchase a modified car insurance policy, the hard work is over. Most insurers will keep lowering your rates if you maintain a clean driving record and build a no claims discount.



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